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Danielle Smeltzer founder of Awarely Embodied Leadership

Embodied leadership: the new era of leadership the world desperately needs

Feb 01, 2024

The world has changed. A lot. So why hasn't leadership? 

Today's leaders face complex social, political, economic and environmental issues daily and are increasingly impacted by cycles of stress, burnout and depletion. Organizations get endlessly stuck with bandaid solutions as they try to mitigate the impacts of turnover, disengagement and more sick days. 

And here's the hard truth - more pizza parties, days off, fancy perks and ping-pong tables aren't going to break the cycle. 

That's where embodied leadership comes in - the new sustainable era of leadership I believe the world desperately needs. 

We need leaders who are trauma-informed and attuned to their emotions, behaviour patterns and stress responses. Who use self-awareness to make intentional decisions, lead from a grounded state and foster meaningful connections. Who are invested in understanding the relationship between the body and the brain through their nervous system.

And most of all, we need leaders whose leadership presence inspires and motivates others. This is embodied leadership. 

Let's mobilize real workplace change. Together. 

Yours in embodied leadership,
Danielle Smeltzer (Founder of Awarely Embodied Leadership & change-mobilizer)


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