Shift your relationship with stress and burnout 

Bouncing between meditation, health coaches, executive coaches, high-intensity workouts but still feeling overwhelmed?

This course works with the whole you - the brain, the body and the nervous system to empower you with the skills you need to build capacity as a leader. 

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Do more, not less

We know what it's like to lead - it's hard and stressful. We don't tell you to do less or rest as you hear in typical well-being rhetoric.

Instead, this course empowers you to build capacity for the challenges of the modern workplace.

Forget about quick fixes that don't work

We don't believe in fancy perks, isolated mindfulness seminars or pizza parties as the solutions to stress and burnout. 

Instead, this course teaches you the foundational skills you actually need to shift the way you lead (and live). 

Stop stressing about stress

Stress isn't inherently bad; we actually need stress or mobilization to lead. And avoiding or eliminating stress as a leader just isn't possible. 

Instead, this course shows you how to support regulation and stop getting stuck in stress response patterns. 

Imagine leading with awareness of your stress response patterns.

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Meet your embodied leadership teacher

Hi, I'm Danielle. Founder of Awarely Embodied Leadership. 

After over a decade in executive leadership, I saw firsthand how stress and burnout can impact leaders, teams and organizational progress.

That's why I founded Awarely Embodied Leadership – to revolutionize how we approach stress and burnout in the workplace.


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