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Guest writer, Douglas Business Magazine

Topic: Make stress work for you

The INTEL article on workplace well-being explored:
- The difference between good stress and bad stress
- Repurposing energy towards solving problems at work 
- Tips and tools for recognizing stress and shifting our relationship with it 

Appearing in the July/August 2024 issue

Connected Breakfast Discussion Host, 2024 WNORTH Conference 

Topic: Reclaiming rest: redefining worthiness and success 

Together, we explored:
- Flipping the narrative on rest and productivity 
- Giving ourselves permission to slow down to be more focused and present in leadership (and in life)
- Using rest as a proactive way to prevent overwhelm and burnout 
- Small shifts we can make to reclaim space in our day

Podcast Guest, Daring to Leap with Loree Philip

Topic: Transforming workplace well-being through embodied leadership

Together, we explored:
- Embodied leadership and the new era of leadership the world desperately needs to break cycles of stress and burnout
- Moving from reacting to responding
- Bridging the gap between work and well-being

LinkedIn Live Guest, Thriving Together 

Topic: Stress and safety: why slowing down can feel unsafe

Together, we explored:
- Somatic tools to rebuild access to safety and connection
- The intersection of trauma-informed leadership and workplace well-being
- Tips and tools for interrupting behaviour patterns
- Building awareness and access to choice and change

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