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About me

Danielle Smeltzer (she/her), Founder and Chief Capacity Officer


After over a decade in executive leadership, I've seen firsthand how stress and burnout can impact leaders, teams and organizational progress.

That's why I founded Awarely Embodied Leadership¬†‚Äď to revolutionize how we approach stress and burnout in the workplace.

As your Chief Capacity Officer, I empower leaders and teams to build resilience and capacity by blending 15 years of leadership experience with over 500 hours of training in cutting-edge neuroscience, trauma-informed practices, somatics, and mindfulness techniques adapted for the modern workplace. 

Let's transform the way we lead (and live). Together. 

- Danielle

My leadership background
Before launching Awarely, I spent 15 years in leadership as a strategic partner to CEOs and founders in media, tourism, hospitality, retail, tech, social impact and coop organizations locally and globally.

I've worked in organizational development, HR, ops, finance, marketing and sales - all leading me to gather every skill I needed to start Awarely and transform stress and burnout in the workplace.
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What 500+ hours of training in 5 years looks like
- Somatic Experiencing for the Workplace, Somatic Experiencing International (2023)  
- Somatic Experiencing Professional Training, Somatic Experiencing International (current)
- 200HR Trauma-informed Yoga Teacher, International Yoga Alliance (2021)
- Dare to Lead Trained, Brene Brown (2020)
- Coaching for Health (2019)
ICF accredited program with Pain BC
- Indigenous Relations, Indigenous Relations Academy (2023)
- Bringing DEI Into the Workplace, Engaged HR (2023)
- Radiant Roots, 
11-month transformative health coaching program (2023)
- Recalibrate, 6-week nervous system education and embodiment program (2023 & 2023)
- Lean Leadership, 
LinkedIn Learning (2022)
Why embodied leadership?

Embodied leadership is the new era of leadership I believe the world desperately needs. 

 An embodied leader is:

-  Attuned to their emotions, behaviour patterns and stress responses to build capacity for executing more impactful work

- Shifts their relationship with stress and burnout by building a connection between the body and brain through their nervous system

- Led by self-awareness to make intentional decisions, inspire others and lead from a grounded state

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More about me...

I'm an avid explorer of our great West Coast, experimental gardener, fisher woman, raiser of giant rescue dogs and self-professed foodie with an affinity for sea salts and garnishes.
I'm a lifelong learner who's obsessed with all things neuroscience. Forever taking a course, reading a new book or listening to a podcast (often all at once!).
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Memberships & community engagement

I'm out and about with these amazing local and global organizations:

- Toast women in tech collective (member)
- Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce (member)
- VIATEC (member)
- Women in Leadership Foundation (mentor)
- The Forum (mentee)
- Somatic Experiencing International (professional member)
- Boss Ladies Book Club YYJ (chapter coordinator)

Check out Awarely's podcast to hear more about my story

In this episode of Stories from the Nervous System, I get real about how awarely embodied leadership came to be and why I left a 15-year career behind revolutionize the way we approach stress and burnout in the workplace. 

Let's hear it!

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