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Break free from burnout and discover a new, sustainable way to lead (and live). 


Empowering high-performing women to reclaim their well-being as they rise 

It's time to change the narrative on what we’ve been taught about leadership and success

What we've been taught:
  1. Stress is bad and should be eliminated or avoided
  2. Work/life balance is the ultimate goal
  3. If we slow down, we won't be productive or successful

But for high-powered women (like me and you) juggling roles as  leaders, partners, founders, mothers, and caregivers while navigating societal expectations in the workplace, the real truth is:

  1. Stress can motivate us to do amazing things ‚Äď when managed effectively
  2. Reclaiming rest makes us more innovative and effective leaders
  3. Bandaid solutions don’t solve burnout, even if they feel fun in the moment
True leadership transformation and real results come from a deeper approach.
Hi, I'm Danielle! Advocate for trauma-informed leadership and progressive workplace well-being. 

After over 16 years in people leadership, I know how hard it is to lead and maintain your well-being. Especially while navigating the complexities of the modern workplace. 

But the days of measuring performance, contribution, and value through burnout are over. Instead, I see a world of leaders equipped with the skills they need to be unapologetically driven without sacrificing their well-being or sense of self.

By drawing on my years of business and leadership expertise and over 500 hours of training, I empower women and organizations to transform how they lead (and live).

- Danielle Smeltzer, founder and Chief Capacity Officer.
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How embodied leadership builds capacity and empowers leaders

Shift from reacting to responding

Understand your nervous system to better handle the complexities of the modern workplace with more ease and clarity. Learn to make intentional decisions and communicate authentically to build meaningful connections

Move from burnout to integrated well-being

Build the capacity to be more present, engaged, creative, and innovative at work (and in life). Learn to interrupt and complete stress response cycles with accessible self-regulation and co-regulation skills.

Be the calm in the storm

Lead from a place of alignment, mobilize change, and empower others with a calm and grounded presence. Learn to stay rooted in your purpose and values, no matter what is thrown your way.

Ways to work together

Embodied leadership coaching for women

With one-on-one strategic support, the days of separating your work and well-being (or ignoring the latter) are over.

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Trauma-informed workshops for organizations

Choose from one of Awarely's signature actionable workshops or create a custom experience for your team. 

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Thought leadership for events and media

Deliver expert insights and innovative strategies that motivate your community and foster a culture of empowerment.

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What people are saying...

"The workshops Danielle runs at Awarely are unlike anything I’ve done before. 

The tools and practices she teaches are simple but effective, and they have helped me regulate during stressful situations at work. 
The world needs more people like Danielle!

I’d recommend her training to anyone in a leadership role."

- Andrea, tech leader & workshop attendee

Resources to transform the way you lead (and live)

Embodied leadership tutorial videos

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Your path to leading with more alignment starts here

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