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Transform how you lead (and live) with embodied leadership. 



Hi, I'm Danielle! Advocate for trauma-informed leadership and progressive workplace well-being. 

After over 16 years in people leadership, I know how hard it is to lead and maintain your well-being.

Awarely is my antidote for leaders who are tired of being stuck in cycles of stress, overwhelm and burnout. I see a world of leaders equipped with the skills they need to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace. This is embodied leadership.

- Danielle Smeltzer, founder and Chief Capacity Officer.
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My approach.

Actionable strategies, real lived experience, no fluff.

There's no boring well-being rhetoric here. I draw on 15+ years of business and leadership expertise and over 500 hours of training in cutting-edge neuroscience, trauma-informed practices and mindfulness techniques to help leaders transform how they lead (and live). 
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Build capacity through embodied leadership

Shift from reacting to responding

Come into relationship with your nervous system to navigate complexities of the modern workplace with greater ease and clarity. Make intentional decisions and communicate authentically to build meaningful connections.

Move from burnout to integrated well-being

Build capacity to be more present, engaged, creative and innovative at work (and in life) with accessible self-regulation and co-regulation skills. Learn to interrupt and complete stress response cycles. 

Be the calm in the storm

Cheesy? Yes. But it's true. Embodied leaders mobilize change and empower others through their calm and grounded presence. Lead from a place of alignment while staying rooted in your core purpose and values. The ripple starts here.


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Work with me - SERVICES

For women > Embodied leadership coaching

The days of separating your work and well-being are over - I'm your executive coach, health coach and strategic partner all in one.

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For organizations > Workshops

Choose from one of Awarely's signature workshops or customize an experience for your team or membership.  

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For organizations > Trauma-informed leadership consulting 

Help your organization build capacity for more impactful work while maintaining workplace well-being.  

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Resources to transform the way you lead (and live)

Stress and safety: why slowing down can feel unsafe

May 05, 2024

Window of tolerance: making space for stress

Apr 07, 2024

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Learn and laugh with me

Check out Stories from the Nervous System on Spotify, where I normalize and demystify what happens to our nervous system at work through my own lived experience in Awarely's podcast.

No more band-aid solutions

Bouncing between meditation, health coaches, executive coaches, high-intensity workouts but still feeling overwhelmed? 

Awarely's mini-course on embodied leadership skills is now live. 

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Hot topics we're talking about...

Myth 1 - Stress is bad and should be avoided or eliminated. 

Stress is a fact of life and leadership. We actually need stress (or activation) to mobilize us to do amazing work and get things done. Instead, Awarely focuses on shifting our relationship with stress and building more capacity for the inevitable ups and downs of the workplace. 

Myth 2 - Work/life balance is the goal. 
This is an unattainable myth, and here's why; our nervous system doesn't know the difference between work and life. Instead, Awarely focuses on equipping leaders with regulation skills so they can transition between work and life with greater ease. 

Myth 3 - Pizza parties, more time off and mindfulness seminars are the keys to stress and burnout.
These are bandaid solutions. Instead, Awarely focuses on addressing the root causes of stress and burnout and equipping leaders with sustainable and actionable skills #nomorepizzaparties

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