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Zero fluff coaching services for high-performing women. 

Empowering women to break away from cycles of overwhelm to achieve the career and well-being they deserve

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It's time to embrace a leadership style that supports your whole self

As female leaders, we've been taught that we should be grateful for fancy perks, mindfulness seminars and pizza parties. But the truth is, that's not well-being at work. 

What workplace well-being actually is: 
- Ending mansplaining
- Feeling safe to speak up and out
- Pay and gender equity
- Getting credit for your ideas
- A seat at the table 
- Going on maternity leave without the "motherhood penalty"

Awarely's model of embodied leadership blends real-lived experience, somatics, and trauma-informed practices with actionable strategies so you can reclaim your well-being at work.  

Coaching packages for leaders

Coaching package: And then, she left. 
When your dream job isn't so dreamy anymore. 

Who it's for
You've been thinking about leaving but never actually do. Your stress is through the roof, and your friends and family are taking note. You dread Monday, and every day feels like Groundhog Day, but you're still hopeful it'll get better.

What you'll get
- Three 45-minute virtual coaching sessions
- Access to helpful resources and templates
- Chat support between sessions
- Empowerment and support to make the call you need to make 
- Support designing your ideal exit
- Prep and negotiation tactics for the big exit talk (not rage quitting)
- A blueprint for exiting with your reputation and legacy intact (transition plan, succession strategy, communication approach etc.)

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Coaching package: The change-mobilizer experience: when your career path feels murky

Who it's for
Are you craving a big change in your career, tired of getting stuck in cycles of stress, or just feeling like there's got to be a better way to lead (and live)? You've come to the right place.

What you'll get

- Six 60-minute virtual coaching sessions
- Access to helpful resources and templates
- Chat support between sessions
- Actionable tools to align your work and well-being 

- Clarity on what you really, truly want in your career 
- Support and strategies to impact big change in your leadership (and life)

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Need timely support in a specific area? 

A single coaching session experience is for you.

In a 60-minute virtual call, we can cover topics like resolving a workplace conflict, asking for support, or preparing for a big pitch. Book your session today

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Transform how you lead (and live) 

Shift from reacting to responding

Understand your nervous system to better handle the complexities of the modern workplace with more ease and clarity. Learn to make intentional decisions and communicate authentically to build meaningful connections

Move from burnout to integrated well-being

Build the capacity to be more present, engaged, creative, and innovative at work (and in life). Learn to interrupt and complete stress response cycles with accessible self-regulation and co-regulation skills.

Be the calm in the storm

Lead from a place of alignment, mobilize change, and empower others with a calm and grounded presence. Learn to stay rooted in your purpose and values, no matter what is thrown your way.

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