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Embodied leadership coaching
I'm your well-being, exec coach and strategic partner. All in one. 

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Shift your relationship with stress & burnout

Embodied leadership coaching is my antidote for leaders who are tired of being stuck in cycles of stress, overwhelm and burnout. I see a world full of leaders equipped with the sustainable skills they actually need to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace. 

Let's mobilize workplace change, together. 

- Danielle Smeltzer (Awarely founder & change-mobilizer)

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Transform how you lead (and live) with embodied leadership coaching

Shift from reacting to responding

Come into relationship with your nervous system to interrupt stress response patterns, make intentional and aligned decisions, communicate authentically and handle conflict with ease.

Align your work and well-being

Build capacity to be more present, engaged, creative and innovative at work (and in life) with accessible self-regulation skills. Move from cycles of burnout to integrated well-being. 

Mobilize change and challenge the status quo

Lead from a place of alignment while staying rooted in your core purpose and values. Empower others and impact real change through your embodied leadership presence.

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