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Self-resourcing skills for embodied leaders - mini course

Learn three new embodied leadership skills in under 3 hours. 

The course includes 3 modules of self-resourcing skills:
 1. Orienting
 2. Containment
 3. Tracking sensations

 Each module includes:
 - Intro video on the science behind the "why/when" we use each self-resourcing skill
 - Guided video practice to teach you the "how" 
 - Reflection exercise to integrate the practice into how you lead (and live)
 What you'll gain:
- Empowering insights to shift your relationship with stress and burnout at work
- Awareness of how stress shows up in your body, brain and nervous system
- Actionable embodied leadership skills to support regulation and building capacity for the inevitable ups and downs of work (and life)

*purchase includes 3 months of course access in your online learning library